Queens Bath, Kona, Hawaii | Kalysha + Isaac

Kalysha and Isaac are dear friends of me and my husband. They live here in Hawaii where they met and fell in love. They both work with the ministry my husband and I are a part of here in Kona.

I initially asked them if I could take their engagement photos as their gift. Excited, they said yes! A couple days later they asked me to be their photographer for their wedding in Canada coming up the end of March! And my husband is the officiant! This will be our second wedding where we get to do it together as the officiant and photographer. We get a whole 4 days weekend away, just the two of us without our kiddos (what a treat!).

Both Kalysha + Isaac are Crossfit instructors as well, so we have quite a bit in common. Isaac is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met. He is a person that everyone loves, and enjoys being around. And Kalysha, she is the sweetest and kindest person.

These two are so committed to one another and ready to take on marriage together, both at age 20. Although they are both super young, they are mature beyond their years and ready for this next phase of life together. This is one of my favorite sessions to date. And here are some of my favorite images from my evening with Kalysha + Isaac!



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