Sheraton Kona Resort and Spa at Keauhou Bay | Martine + Aj

I recently found one of the best spots yet on the island for photographs. I stumbled upon another photographers page and saw that spot and asked them where it is! There is a beautiful cliff coast line behind the Sheraton resort south of Kona. I knew this was the spot I wanted my next photo shoot and it exceeded my expectations. I got the privilege of taking Martine + Aj’s pictures here!

They are here on the big island of Hawaii doing a secondary school for 9 months. They have only been married 3 months so getting to be around the fresh giddy love was so much fun. They didn’t stop laughing and smiling the whole shoot! They are also from Norway so have their own secret language¬† they got to speak to one another the whole time ;).

On the drive down to the Sheraton, we were talking about Norway and the beauty of it. I have never been there but have heard only good things. My husband and I are both mountain people; him being from Colorado and me being from Idaho. So moving to Hawaii was a bit of an adjustment for us as neither one of us are ocean people. After seeing some pictures of Norway and the coastline there, I’ve decided maybe that would be the perfect place for Nik and I to retire one day. Mountains and the ocean and some of the prettiest ones I’ve seen!

The whole hour I had with them taking their pictures all three of us seriously didn’t stop laughing. These two are so fun, sweet, kind, IN LOVE, and so easy to work with. Their pictures turned out so beautiful and it was so much fun delivering them to them a few days ago. Enjoy the beautiful cliffs of Kona, Hawaii!



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