End of the World, Keahou, Hawaii | Thais + Luiz

Thais and Luiz are a beautiful couple inside and out from Brasilia, Brazil. They are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary this week and wanted to have some photos taken to celebrate the occasion. I took them to an amazing place that is commonly known here in Kona for cliff jumping, call The End of the World.

The whole area here is rigid lava rock, an amazing coastline of cliffs, and waves crashing up against the rocks and cliffs. They were troopers for being willing to go into the crevices i asked them to to get the shots I wanted.

I’ve known Thais + Luiz for a couple months now. I am also a Crossfit instructor, so I workout with them a few times in the mornings each week. The love and respect they have for one another is so evident, so contagious, and so real. They are constantly championing each other, lifting one another up, and calling each other higher. They are each others biggest fans.

It really was an honor getting to capture memories for them as they celebrate another year of being together. Here are some of my favorite photos from my time with Thais + Luiz



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